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The Cool Drawings

The Awakening of Newton Skew (character art [loosely based on Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew by Lemon Demon], 2019)
I'm Letting Go (Bowman's Comfortable Bugs fanart, 2019)
Lord Vakud, Tyrant Eternal (character art, 2019)
The Magimusican (character art, 2018)
The 23rd (dreamsaboutdogs's Cursed fanart, 2019)
Dream Drawing 1 (digital painting study, 2018)
The Noun (Bowman's Ithaca fanart, 2017)
KANE THE PARTY BOT (character art, 2017)
Patron Saint of Glowsticks (digital art, 2018, linework by Jay Markar)
The Mind Electric (Hawaii: Part II fanart, 2017)
Detectiventor, Issue 1 (Mockup Comic Cover, 2018)